Spring Break DVD Rentals

*Sorry for the delay! My spring break ended a week ago :D*

It is official, my spring break started, but I have never understood the purpose of the break because I get so much homework! What’s the point? Well, enough ranting because I may have tons of work due next week, so I’ve decided to rent DVD’s during the break. To be exact, I am watching the films I did not watch in the movie theaters.

So far…I have rented eight films which is not bad considering that have the tendency to RARELY watch movies. I have a crazy schedule, but don’t feel sorry for me because this is not the point of this article at all. I am going to review the films I’ve watched recently. They may not be in cinemas, but they are new to the my DVD/Blu-Ray players.

Beastly starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer

This is a fairly simple film because it is the modern-day version of Beauty and The Beast. Of course this film has several changes; therefore, do not rely on your Disney version of the film. In this version, Kyle (Pettyfer) is the high school king of mean and popularity. He has it all, but he is terribly arrogant until he messed with the wrong witch. After Kyle publicly humiliates Kendra (Olsen), he discovers his fate has changed. Kyle must live as an unattractive man until someone falls in love with him…

 I will not go beyond this point because it is a simple film; however, Pettyfer and Hudgen performances were genuine. Hudgen’s left her High School Musical character behind to become Lindy. Her character had problems with her father, but not the stereotype issues that often is heard by teenage female characters, “I hate you dad!” or “You’re ruining my life!” In Lindy’s case, I would have not blamed her if she would have yelled these phrases, yet it did not happen. As for Pettyfer, he is a young actor on the rise and I am not wrong because in 2011 he was in four films. Three out of the four films, he was the lead character.

Overall, this film does not deserve a poor grade to be honest. It is a teenage drama, but also it may be appealing to young adults as well. It is a stable story and the movie provides an opportunity for these young actors to shine as leads.  My grade 7.5/10

In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

In Time brings the story of a futuristic life that most Real Housewives women would idolize because people stops aging at the age of 25; however, life and time is money because everyone has a clock stamped on their arms. The film brings a capitalist problem between the rich and the poor. The rich has the advantage because they can purchase more time and they have higher probabilities of immortality. Meanwhile, the poor has to beg to buy time. In Time seemed to have a promising plot, but it was a snooze fest.

The film had an excellent cast, a good budget, and a great art director, but what went wrong with this movie?  I think the writers got lost with the idea. In Time should have been either an anime or a short film. As a short film, In Time would have succeeded or at least  the writers should have developed a deeper storyline. Already the film is unrealistic, fictional, then make it dynamite! I was disappointed, I expected more from this film. My final grade is 3/10.

50/50 starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen

I have to warn the public about this film, the DVD cover lies. This film is a dramatic film with some comedy, but 98% of this film is drama; however, 50/50 should have been nominated for the Academy Awards. Gordon portrays a young man diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer. His performance in this movie was superb because the audience felt his anger, his frustration, and his fears.

 It is a realistic depiction of a cancer patient because he goes through many difficult stages while trying to digest this diagnose as his reality. Rogen’s character is a powerful one because he is that friend that everyone needs on their side; however, he is not perfect and it is Seth Rogen. I did not expect him to have an angelic character. Rogen’s character is the comedic relief in this movie because he tries to be optimistic about his friend’s situation.

50/50 is a touching story of hope and the journey of a young man trying to survive. In this journey, he meets the young therapist played by Anna Kendrick. Her character is sweet, naive, and the good girl. Because Gordon is her first patient, she is nervous and also she starts to develop feelings for him. It is obvious this development may bring problems for her ethically speaking. I give 50/50 the perfect score of 10/10 because it has an important moral that it can be only understood if you rent or purchase the film.

Puss in Boots starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek

The loveable character from The Shrek franchise, Puss gets his own film in 2011. The Spanish cat voiced by Antonio Banderas brings more shades to this character now that he is the lead in this film. The sneacky cat returns to his hometown where the audience learns about the cat’s past. He was an orphan and became close friends with Humpty Dumpty (Zack Galafinakis).

They grow up with the dream of finding the magical beans and obtain the golden eggs from the giant goose; however, time passes by and Puss saves an old lady whom is the mother of an important leader of their town. The cat become a hero, but Dumpty becomes bitter and jealous. While Puss became the town’s hero, Dumpty is the shame of the town, but Dumpty betrays Puss and the birth of the well-known cat rises.

In the present, Puss also meets Kitty Softpaws (Hayek). Her character is smart and she hides two important secrets. Yet, in the road of this film, Softpaws starts to fall in love with Puss. Puss in Boots carries the perfect ingredients to be funny and somewhat dramatic, but comedy prevails in this film. Banderas and Hayek are in a film again since 2003, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. This duo is enchanting and when they work together whether it is in a live action or animation, it always works. The voices are excellent and the visual effects deserved the nomination for the Oscar. Final grade 10/10

Three out of the four films are excellent to purchase or rent. The film I highly recommend to watch (if you haven’t seen it yet) Puss in Boots. It is a fun ride with a memorable character voiced by the very talented Antonio Banderas.

More DVD reviews are coming soon…

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