Bulls Cooled Down the Heat

It was automatic to poorly predict, the Bulls can’t win without Rose. Tonight the Bulls proved this bet wrong. I can certainly predict that many people lost plenty of money tonight if they thought Lebron’s team had a chance. Rose sitting at the United Center suited with anxiety and rooting for his team. Meanwhile, Chicago showed to have a strong team to beat the Heat.


Bulls has an outstanding repertoire of excellent players. Lucas, Noah, and Brewer cooled down the Heat at the United Center. This game was a complete showdown because the Bulls were leading during the entire game; however, in the last quarter things became dramatic. The Heat started to realize the weak points of the Chicago team and things started to get tight. Each second was theatrical and the Bulls coach gathered his boys for consultation.


The final six seconds of the fourth quarter were hard to believe. The Heat with a stroke of luck could have taken this victory leaving the Bulls frustrated. Yet, Lucas sealed Chicago’s victory in an operatic scene by scoring two grandiose throws.


Bulls and Heat may become the next classic of Basketball. These two teams has the elements to bring the same emotions when soccer fanatics are expecting for the FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid play in La Liga. Both teams are excellent, great players, and they know how to keep the crowd on the edge of their seat. Final score of 106 – 102, a golden triumph for the Chicago team.

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