Kony 2012

On the last hour of March 7, I was going to sleep, but for days I have been seeing tags and mentions about KONY 2012. As a student, sometimes my studies are non-stop, but I decided to hinder my sleep and watch the 29 minute documentary. I decided to join and write about Kony.

This is not a celebration of a man named Kony, but it is to bring the voices of the victims louder than the latest musical sensation out there. This is the face of the menace that has destroyed millions of families in Uganda in the last 26 years. Before Kony became the murderer leader, he used to be an altar boy. The people who used to know him as a child had fond memories of Kony before he became a bloody leader.

Joseph Kony claimed to be a distant cousin of Alice Lakwena’s and the natural successor to lead the Holy Spirit Movement. Soon after Joseph Kony assumed management of the group, he changed the name to the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA.  – Invisible Children Organization

LRA is a rebel group that in the last two decades they have killed, raped, and abducted children in Uganda.  The abductions of the children is to continue his army by forcing these children to become rebels against their will. Often, Kony forces the children to kill their parents and followed by the forceful training of becoming a rebel. Girls have a different destiny, the girls are kidnapped to become sex slaves. When any of the soldiers attempts to escape, they are destined to die or the person is mutilated.

 Two days ago, the organization called the Invisible Children used the power of the media by placing a compelling documentary called Kony 2012. Watch this documentary and support this cause. Our voices will change the face of Uganda,  but also humanity. Sign the pledge on their website and bring Kony down.


Use the power of social media for cause that will change lives for the better…


Spread the word after you watch this powerful documentary.

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