The Return of the Queen: Part 1

The Return of the Queen: Part 1

Madonna, Nicki, and M.I.A

After Madonna appeared in the Golden Globes and the Super Bowl, she proves musically and physically she is unstoppable. Her new single, Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) is a catchy and classic Madonna style of pop. The queen returns with a mash song featuring two talented singers like M.I.A and the colorful Nicki Minaj as her cheerleaders. The singers enters Madonna’s world fitting perfectly in this song. 5 Stars to Madonna’s new single now available in iTunes. In honor of Madonna’s return to the music scene after Hard Candy in 2008, I want to show her best outfits from her video clips library.

Give Me All Your Luvin’

A trench coat is a classic and the large shades before breaking into massive dancing; this is a look that is timeless.


Yes, I want to celebrate the entire outfit: the sequence type dress, the boots, and the shades. The dress is amazing! It has 1980s shoulders, but with the flare of the present era. The bow is ideal because it brings a sweet tone in this futuristic and sensual dress Madonna wears in Celebration. The boots were created to be worn with a dress like the one she’s wearing. I like the pink touch in the bottom of the boot because it drives the eye to really pay attention to the construction of the boot from top to bottom. Lastly, the shades are that last twist this outfit that embodies the present, future, and past because the 1950s style shades completes this outfit.

Give it To Me

The hat with the black blouse: the hat resembles the Givenchy campaign with Liv Tyler in 2003. I think this hat most women will look great in it.

Skip to 0:17

Givenchy Commercial featuring Liv Tyler (2003)

4 Minutes

I adore this song because it has an awesome rhythm, but I did not understand at all the concept of the video clip; however, the pants she wears in the clip are worthwhile. Skip to 1:58 to look at the harem type pants into fashionable sportswear. I can’t stop looking at them.

Hung up

The 70s and 80s vibes in this clip always makes me want to dance along. The attire she wears and dances in minute 3:08 is beyond simple. I always debate if it’s the attitude Madonna walks with the attire or is it because it is nice? The attire is composed of basic pieces most likely found in my closet, but I obsess it because the keys of this attire are the sequence belt and the jacket.

Love Profusion

The floral dress: I was in elementary when this song was released. The dress is sweet, but somewhat daring because of the cleavage. My mom and I looked for this dress everywhere until Target had a similar one in blue which I wore when I graduated in 8th grade (I covered the cleavage area, I’m not as daring as Madonna to pull it off).

Die Another Day

Although many fashionistas out there might be scared that I included this video clip here, but do not worry. I think any comic/Manga fan would die to wear either the black or the white fighter outfit she wears during her sword fight scene against herself. This is fighter the anime within me speaking here, wouldn’t you? It would make me feel very brave and strong with either clothes.


Music is one of the many iconic songs Madonna has. I recall many women rockin’ this look of the coat, the cowboy hats, and golden curls. Although this is one of her looks I personally least like, yet I do not want a stampede of angry fans for not including such an iconic outfit. I do admit that I never achieved perfect curls like she did.

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