Pricey to Nicey: November’s Look

Gucci Look

November’s look is very fresh and not much related to Fall, but it looks like Spring going to summer; however, I liked how pricey is this combination that is simplistic, but chic.  This entire outfit purchased scores $4,760.00 and remember this is just the subtotal because if you live in Chicago, the average tax is 9.76% which the total is…$5,224.60!

The Jacket

Gucci’s Long sleeve Calvary coat is $1,950.00 and made in Italy.

Long Sleeve Cavalry Coat

Forever 21’s Double Breasted Trench Coat for $36.90 and imported as well.  By the way, both coats are cotton.

Double Breasted Trench Coat

 The Shirt

Gucci Dapple Print Sleeve Shirt for $1,175.oo and needs dry cleaning as a requirement.

Dapple Print Shirt

Wet Seal Faded Animal Printed Sweater $19.50 and it can be washed in your machine.

Faded animal sweater

The Pants

Stretch Cotton Capri Heart Pants $645.00

Stretch Cotton Capri Heart Pants

The Merona Collection Crop Pants in Deep Navy for $13.48 at Target

Capri Pants

The Shoes

I have to admit the Gucci sandals are beautiful and they have a modern twist to it.  The Mira Sandals are $795.00

Mira Sandals

Target had a fantastic solution for your pocket. Mossimo’s Paliani Gladiator Sandals for $24.99

Gladiator Shoes

I almost forgot! The Belt

Logo Plaque Belt $195.00

Plaque Logo Belt

Forever 21 The Dressy Patent Leatherette Belt for $8.90


$103.77 is the Nicey Price minus the Pricey outfit $4,760.00 = $4,656.23 difference that would be three semesters at a community college all I can say = OMG!


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