It’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Today was not a hot day in my world, so I was checking out another brand that has been a while in and its the RACHEL ZOE brand.  If you have not watched her show at BRAVO its an awesome series and the new season starts August 3, 2010 Tuesday at 10/9pm central time. Rachel Zoe launched her line of accessories at in 2009 at a reasonable price not too cheap, but not overly priced.

Her jewelry is beautiful and highly elegant specially for the holidays, a fancy dinner…actually a special event that requires your presence as a glamorous gal.

Rachel Zoe Changeable Caged Faceted Stone Earrings $25.87

 I watched the video for these earrings and based on the reviews they are truly light despite that they look heavy.  If you are not a fan of large earrings then remove the bottom portion and you have a new pair of earrings, how about that?!

Rachel Zoe Impressive Filigree Cuff Bracelet $58.50

Rachel Zoe could have not chosen a better name than “Impressive” for this cuff bracelet.  It should be an art piece from an ancient time because just look at the artistic swirl and twist that encloses the large and hard to ignore emerald cut stone.

Rachel Zoe Simulated Emerald & Pave' Ring $46.56

Another impressive piece of jewelry by Rachel Zoe.  I have nothing else to say, but what a beauty!

Now, moving into her purse collection is extremely stylish and if you have seen the series it screams Rachel Zoe all over it; however, beyond that is a stylish collection, but very up-to-date collection that most of these models of purses are inspired from up-scale brands that a single envelope purse may cost a tuition of a community college for an entire semester (approx. $1,500 not including books). Yet, Rachel Zoe prices are in average $50- $170 and now that is on clearance the new prices are from $40 – $30.

Rachel Zoe Slouchy Square Hobo $46.42

Rachel Zoe Suede Hobo with Removable Crossbody Strap $164.50

Rachel Zoe Double Faced Sequin Clutch with Removable Strap $67.50

 All kind of styles and sizes for a twenty year-old to a hot and stylish 50 year-old woman can wear. Therefore, in my opinion it ranges for most styles and taste of women out there.

Check the rest of her accessories collection at and type on the search bar Rachel Zoe

Your friend,

The Fashionista1


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