Britney Spears for Candies Limited Edition

On my recent visit to Kohl’s, I noticed the Britney Spears collection for Candies Limited Edition, so I was excited because not only I am a fan (I saw her live and what an awesome show!), but I really wanted to give my opinion on her limited collection. 

It is a basic collection because she really wanted for most women to purchase it and to mix and match pieces without panicking; however, she did intergrate plenty of dark colors. In a summer collection is rare to find dark colors. She really chose basic cuts and still very modern. On her bags, she only designed one and they only appear two different prints. In my view, they were a bit too small for the current trend, yet they work for the entire collection and they will not miss-match the outfits. 

Candie's® Designed by Britney Studded Ponte Dress

This dress with studded ponte’s around the silhouette creates and accentuates a very womanly shape.  As well as, the dress is a classic cut, yet it was a rock and roll side to it with the studded ponte’s. (Favorite piece) 

Candie's Designed by Britney Denim Military Jacket

The jacket is a modern twist on two classics: the denim jacket and the military jacket. 

The Jewelry was my favorite part of her collection because she only concentrate on two popular colors like I mentioned earlier, but they are very trendy and fresh. 


Candie's® Designed by Britney Two-Tone Beaded & Rosette Multistrand Necklace for $16.08

Candie's® Designed by Britney Two-Tone Cross & Chain Drop Earrings

Candie's® Designed by Britney Silver-Tone Mesh Cuff Bracelet

Check out the rest of her limited edition collection at before it says goodbye!

I found a quick presentation of her collection with Britney Spears!

 Your friend,

The Fashionista1


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