June’s Look- Pricey to Nicey

Every month I will post the Pricey to Nicey which features a look for less. In case you don’t what is a look for less? It is simple and easy. The challenge is to try to pieces that similar from an expensive brand to a brand that has an accessable price. Therefore, featuring June’s look it has a summer tone with some coloration of the old spring vibe. 

The Pricey look features a beautiful and soft Juicy Couture Bow tank for $98.00. Then as a splash of the spring flowers is a fabulous Richard Chai shorts for $210.00. In honor of the Sex and The City Movie 2 (Been in theaters for almost 2 months), the look has the Carrie Bradshaw 24k real gold glaze (yes, I am not kidding!) Mykita aviator sunglasses for a stunning price of $525.00 (this is jewelry for your eyes).  Continuing the golden tones, a chic flower necklace ($12.50) and an angel winged bracelet ($5.80) from Forever21.com. The last two pieces of the puzzle is the gladiator sandals of Dolce Vita for $62.49 and an exclusive Sanrio designer, Momoberry for $120.00. The total for this look is $1,034.29

Now, the “Nicey” look carries the forever21.com bracelet and necklace combined is $18.30. The flowery printed shorts from Wetseal.com for $11.99. The rosy top from forever21.com is for a dashing price of $11.80. Then, getting the Carrie Bradshaw sunglasses, but from Fossil Sunglasses their Rena Aviator sunglasses for $50.00. Another item from the awesome forever21.com the gladiator sandals for $19.84 (the new price/ originally for $24.80). Because the Marc Jacobs bag is a unique model, but going with the cartoonish look I added instead a Hello Kitty Beaded handbag for $29.98 from sears.com. The total for this look without taxes is $142.21.

Therefore, the expensive look is $1,034.29 minus the inexpensive look is $142.21 = a difference of $892.08

Whoa! I think I’m sticking with the nicey look, plus I get it once my paycheck arrives!

Your friend, TheFashionista1


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