Wedding is in the Air…

                So it’s wedding season ladies for a while now, am I right? Of course I am! All brides desires to be unique and feel like royalty or like a celebrity on their precious day; however, as I have watched many popular shows that are aired on cable and also via satellite such as Bridezillas (it’s a guilty pleasure because it’s hilarious), Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding with David Tuttera, and pretty much every other WE channel sunday night show about weddings most likely I am hooked on…well going to the point here, I have noticed a major mistake most brides commit is trying to obtain a dress that is out of their budget. Yes, I have witnessed it myself with a couple of friends that got married a couple of years back and a major concern is the wedding dress budget because let’s face it the media has enchanted most women that expensive brand of dresses is the best way to go. Not only expensive brand dresses has better fabric, but celebrities most likely will purchase them; nonetheless, not all expensive brands will have better fabrics (check the tag where the fabric information is explained). Yet I am not here to bash these these brands because they do have incredible designs that you can find from less expensive and less known designers, but you the bride can find the similar wedding gown design at a cheaper price and still look amazing.

                  It is no secret that Reality Shows has invaded our plasma screens and I am a huge junky of these shows; therefore, I have chosen three well known reality stars from MTV and E! channel to be the example of three beautiful wedding gowns and three different styles.

The First bride in the left is Kendra from the reality show, KENDRA aired on E! network, then in the middle is Heidi Montag from the show, THE HILLS  (MTV) before her major surgical transformation in my opinion she looked better back then, and finally in the right we have one the famous Kardashian women, Khloe Kardashian from the show, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and KHLOE AND KORTNEY TAKES OVER MIAMI aired in the E! Network.

Therefore our first bride is KENDRA! I have found four amazing gowns in different price ranges  and also the the fourth gown is the party version of the bridal gown if the bride wishes to dance freely in the dance floor!

 The Kendra wedding gown style is for the fairy tale bride that truly accomplished her Cinderella dress. Is a beautiful gown that is highly popular around the world because it is a classic dress that will never be out date (not like in the 1980’s the puffy sleeves…gosh!) and most brides can wear it and look like a true Princess on their wedding day. Out of the four dresses the Allure Bride dress which is the model with the brown background is the gown that is the closest to Kendra’s wedding gown, but the down side to this gown is that the price is not posted for the public.

Now the Heidi Montag style wedding gown!

Heidi’s dress was difficult to find because most designers apperantly do not replicate this style; however, here are the similar gowns to what Heidi wore for her wedding. My only critique to Heidi is the excessive jewelry she wore because already the gown had crystals in the belt of her dress, but she wore too many necklaces and bracelets which takes away from the gown, yet if you think she looks fabolous that is okay too because I am just here expressing my opinion.

Now, we have Khloe Kardashian and her dress is for the modern bride that wants to look sexy, yet keeping in mind she is the bride. Her dress is a trumpet cut dress which its origins and correct if I am wrong comes from the 1930s – 1940s. It is also another gown that will never go out of style and will make your figure look very provocative. The Vera Wang dress in the example is actually the from the same designer if its not actually the model of her gown, but the sash was modified to Khloe Kardashian’s style; however, I believe the David’s Bridal gown is not only the best deal, but is very similar to the real gown with the exception of the ribbon being all white like the gown which it can be modified by David’s Bridal seastress.

                In conclusion, to all the future brides- to- be when looking for that fabolous gown keep an open mind if the dress you were looking for is not available or looking at it in person truly doesn’t reflect your style, then try on dresses that are within your budget and the dress must make YOU happy not your friends, your mom or anybody else but you because it is your wedding day not anybody’s else.

Truly your friend,

 The fashionista1

 I do not own any of the images shown here they belong to their perspective website which were excerted from and once again I do not take credit for any of the images shown here.


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