Emailed question

Hey there friends,

A  good friend sent me an email asking this question,

“Question for my Fashionista friend!

Hey, so I was wondering what kind of colors go good with grey jeans? To be more specific, I have a pair of lighter grey jeans, and some medium grey jeans. Whenever I try to wear a black shirt with grey jeans, I feel like I look too weird and dreary and don’t have enough color or contrast in my clothes. Do you think wearing a black shirt with grey jeans is weird? Also, what other colors go good with grey jeans?”
Here’s my answer my dear friend,
                Pants that are grey in any volume from light grey to dark grey is a neutral; therefore, it goes with everything from a black blouse to super bright colored blouse like red or prints. If you read the first blog, grey pants is part of the essentials for your closet that goes with anything. I hope this help, but feel free if you need a detailed answer. By the way, black and grey will never look weird together, but I always like to put a little more life to the outfit such as balck top, grey pants and a red head band or a yellow belt or a flowered print buttoned blouse underneath the black top.
Truly your friend,
The Fashionista1

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