I AM CAIT: Jenner’s Rebirth

Cait Jenner made her debut in the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this year. Finally, on July 26th, E! premiered I Am Cait – this is the second groundbreaking series featuring a transgender person (I Am Jazz on TLC) on a major television network.

The first episode of Jenner’s series opens with a serious tone. Cait begins narrating how many people have been murdered and shamed for being transgender. She feels it is her responsibility to help others.

Although the series follows Cait’s journey; the series also focuses on transgender awareness. Cait does point out continuously that honesty is a priority. In addition, the pilot shows that everyone has a different way to accept Jenner’s decision. For example, Kylie (Cait’s youngest daughter) meets her and it was easy according to Jenner; however, her mother feels that it will take time to let Bruce go.

Certainly, it takes courage to start a new life; nonetheless, Cait wants to help other transgender people of all ages. She states, “we need more tolerance in society.” Indeed, acceptance is key to prevent the staggering suicide rates in the transgender community.

Cait proves that it may have taken her decades to become the woman she always had inside of her; nonetheless, suicide is never the answer because being transgender is not a crime. If you know someone or you are contemplating suicide please seek for help. Visit http://www.thetrevorproject.org or call 1-866-488-7386

Jackie Kennedy -Onassis: The Editor Icon, not the Fashion Icon

*This is a book review of the book Reading Jackie by William Kuhn*

Jackie Kennedy Onassis shouldn’t be remembered as a fashion icon. To be frank, after completing the book by William Kuhn, Reading Jackie -Onassis should be remembered as a fierce editor. Reading Jackie is a remarkable biography that shows a side of Jackie that is largely silenced by popular media. Kuhn provides a backstage look of Jackie’s lifetime before her marriage to JFK until her last days before her death in 1994.

In the book, she goes through difference phases in her life (well, doesn’t everybody?); however, there was always something consistent in her life and it was not fashion. No, fashion was the least important thing she thought about. The consistent factor that defined the final twenty years of her life was editing. Yet, her love for literature shaped her personality open and closed doors.

Ironically, Jackie never intended to gain world wide attention while others like the Kardashian clan exploits it intentionally. In fact, she never gave a damn about fashion or what the media largely focused on her. She was a natural for great style, but books was her real legacy. 
She worked for Viking and Doubleday. She edited nearly 100 books in her career and had dozens of unfinished projects by the time she passed away. Jackie adored challenging projects and found the perks of her fame to persuade well known personalities like Michael Jackson to write his autobiography. Yet, being Kennedy-Onassis didn’t symbolize immediate success as an editor. There were plenty of occasions that some of her works weren’t well received by critics. Even failed projects such as the autobiography by Richard J. Daley never came true.

In the end, Khun wisely penned a book with style, humor, seriousness and a respectful biography of the former First Lady. Above all, Kennedy-Onassis was destined to live an intense life because at an early age, Jackie won a prestigious Vogue award for writing (when Vogue featured stronger journalism) and this recognition marked a future that would unravel after the death of Aristotle. As a widow, Jackie found herself away from the shadow of two well known men. She found her voice through editing. Her editing voice was loud and eternally printed in words.

Immortal: The Postal Service

The other day, one of my co-workers asked me, Do you think the Postal Service will ever disappear? After a brief pause, I said, no. Why? Because of websites like Amazon.com, Justfab.com and other websites that cater delivery services will still need the postal service to support their business. It’s impossible to digitize a purse; however, education, entertainment (films and television shows), bills, literature, and music (the real list is longer than this one) are accessible through the internet. Obviously, huge enterprises like Blockbuster, CD stores among other businesses of such nature have disappeared.

I do fear that public libraries might suffer like the fall of a great empire. Although I greatly enjoy writing my articles in the digital age; I still adore a physical book. The happiness of flipping the pages and continue to read the next chapter. Therefore, I now believe (because one may never know what will happen in the next 20 years from today) the postal service will prevail through the digital age. While pages like Ebay continue to sell overseas or locally ship items, the postal service will be the few places that survives the ups and downs of the economy and the upcoming presidents.

42 Lessons from: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Today is the birthday of a good friend of mine and it is also the fifth anniversary of Alsy365! In honor of this awesome day, I wrote a simple, but fun article honoring one of my favorite films, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. So, here it is the 42 lessons that Pedro Almodovar’s film provide.

Sony Classic Pictures 

1. Some issues can’t be solved with sleeping pills

2. An ex will never pick up his/her suitcase with his/her junk after a breakup

3. A Jehovah Witness will always speak the truth

4. If you’re a well-known actor/actress, some will hate without a reason (I think that’s a universal phenomenon)

5. Two sofas is still a cool concept

6. Trying to kidnap your ex is an awful idea

7. Gazpacho is great with a day-old bread

8. Virginity is cultural, not physical

Sony Pictures Classics

9. A week -old love-affair can lead to horrible consequences

10. When in doubt, wear red

11. Don’t smoke

12. Ducks won’t jump even if you beg them to do so

13. A Mambo-leopard lover cab driver is once in a lifetime experience

14. Pink underwear and pink tights with pink shoes is a no-no

15. Not all feminist lawyers are nice towards women

16. Carry eye-drops at all times

17. A stutterer can make an anonymous call to the police

18. Listening a song that reminds you of your ex is a bad idea

19. Yanking off a record and throwing it out the window, which ends up hitting a mean person is God’s will (Too bad we live in the digital era)

20. Don’t sell your penthouse if you’re unsure

21. Dreams can predict the future

22. Don’t ignore your voicemail even if your best friend is a persistent caller

23. People can be terrorists even if they are emotional terrorists

24. If an ex doesn’t respond to your calls even you have something crucial to talk to them…the ex will never answer back

25. Never drink a beverage from a strangers house, it might be spiked with sleeping pills

Sony Classic Pictures & @eurios

26. News anchors should drink water on live TV

27. Shoes do not drop from the sky without a legit reason

28. Sitting on a bench at nighttime might bring interesting views (you’re snooping)

29. Men do cry

30. Women can dance oddly while wearing her underwear

31. Unexpectedly, you can meet your ex’s son

32. Some lies can protect others

33. Slapping a mean person can relieve your stress

34. Throwing away your ex’s suitcase is a triumphal moment

35. Never read a strangers note, the author might find out

36. It’s best to say no after two days filled with bad news

  Sony Classic Pictures & @The_RedList

37. Walking the streets of Madrid at night is both good and bad

38. At all times, a mask can help

39. Never leave an unattended cigar, it will burn your mattress

40. Don’t lie about your sanity

41. Phone booths did exist and they were not great places to hide (It’s kind of nostalgic)

42. In 48 hours, everything can change

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Mindy is Coming to Hulu

Fans spoke up and Hulu saved the day. After Fox pulled the plug for The Mindy Project, many fans (including myself) were angry. Hours later, reliable sources and rumors mentioned the possibility of Mindy moving to Hulu.

The show aired through the website since season 1 and fans have been consistent in terms of viewership. Therefore, it was a natural transition. A streaming date is to be determined. Overall, The Mindy Project is no longer a cancelled show. Thank you, Hulu. The only thing fans are probably expecting the show to air just on Hulu Plus, yet it’s worth it. And please Hulu release the DVD afterwards!

How Dare You, Fox Network?

This past Wednesday, Fox Network cancelled the comedy series: The Mindy Project. After three seasons, Kaling’s series was not renewed after much speculation when the fall lineup excluded the series. Historically speaking, I’m not surprised Fox cancels series out of whim such as Arrested Development, Quintaplets, The Following among others have suffered the same fate.

Still, there’s a silver lining. Shortly the cancellation announcement became official, other outlets claims the possibility the series might move to Hulu. According to Time Magazine and The New York Times, the show is popular through the website and all three seasons are now available.

An official statement is still pending; however, the cancellation is a sour one. The show is one of the few comedy shows that has a sharp humor and a brilliant staff of writers. How dare you, Fox Network?

Wedding Registries: What to do and What not to do

After the bride or groom says yes to the ring, then what? of course, the next step is planning the big day. However, various corporations have integrated the option of a wedding registry. My assumption of the creation of such market (and wise too) is the prevention of unwanted gifts. Per say, an awkward lamp with a shape of two frogs kissing. Some may like, while others may find this gift tacky. Wedding registries solves this issue because the couple have the opportunity to pick their gifts before the wedding event. Yet, there are benefits and drawbacks of wedding registries.

As I mentioned before, many corporations started this program for various reasons. Of course (cough, cough), a guarantee of capital with the wedding season which commonly starts in May through June. Another reason is to promote their brand and gaining more customers to their store. Crate and Barrel, Walmart, Bloomingdale’s, Target and beyond dominates this market which is suitable for the customer seeking certain brands and price point.

For example, Crate and Barrel’s registrants benefits of a 10% discount card for six months after the wedding date. In addition, a private wedding registry event which closes the store for two hours. This is a one-on-one interaction with the associates if the couple have questions about the products. Others like Target offers easy returns and exchanges for a year. Another service through a secondary party is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond personalized stationary.

Yet, there are couples that exaggerate with their registries. Let’s avoid these intricacies.

Marriage in Lightyears

When a couple announces their engagement, it is a beautiful milestone;nonetheless, the event will not happen the next day. The appropriate time to open a registration is within 6 months to one year before the big day. Please do not open a registry 2 to 4 years for several reasons, but most importantly it’s too early.

Another reason is inventory. If the wedding is happening in three years, there’s a possibility 1/2 of that inventory will contain discontinued products. Also, be aware of seasonal items. For example, if the registrant starts adding items to their registry in December, then many of the products are Christmas themed or inspired.  Therefore, ask an associate which items are seasonal. If the word seasonal is throwing you off, seasonal means that the item will last for a short period of time.

It’s Not a Divorce

Managing a registry may turn into a guilt trip because couples may change their minds about the items they originally picked. It’s common to change their minds after the couple receive their gifts. And it’s okay to seek other products and returning them for store credit.

It’s a rare assumption, but it occurs when couples expect to have a cash refund or get every single gift from their registry. Another troubling realization is seeing an item as a purchased item and not receiving it. It sucks to say this, but there are guests that purchase the item from the registry and decides to keep it. Although it is a surprising news, let’s keep in mind the guest did pay for it, not the couple. Therefore, it’s impossible for the company to give away the undelivered product because it was paid for it. Of course, in other situations brings the sour the news that gift was lost. After a mituculous investigation from the company and the couple, some companies may replace the item. It depends on the companies policies and rules about registries.

The Necessary Absurdaty of Reality

Why did I get 24 wine glasses when I just registered for 8?! If this happens to you, there’s a possibility the registry was a high maintenance one. What I mean with the term of high maintenance? Is that the registry had a couture price tag with guests that earn 20,000 a year…that’s silly.

When opening registry ask yourself and with your significant other: Can we afford this item? Do we really need it? If I was a guest , would I buy this? It’s easy to ask beyond our needs. Keep in mind the income of your guests too. It’s absurd to add items worth above $150.00 with friends earning $9.50 an hour/ part-time. If the cheapest item in your registry are wine glasses, then that’s an easy way to get easy repeats. It’s not a coincidence, your registry was a bridezilla for your guests.

My best advice is to keep your registry short and sweet. Unless the wedding is a huge one (500 guests), it is reasonable to have 5-6 pages. But, I kindly ask to not register for a sofa. If your friends are part of Forbes list of millionaires, I will expect an eccentric wish list.

3-4 pages long is a reasonable amount of pages for a registry. Keep in mind the things you register for are items that will be part of your daily lives. Coffee mugs, flatware, and more are things that will have accessible prices for all kinds of incomes. Also, request the option for gift cards.

If the registry also offers gift cards, this is a pleasant suprising wild card. If a guest is currently in college and has a part time job and lives in a studio – this guest might be second guessing what to buy. With this option, this guest will buy the gift card. Life is already a stressful roller coaster, so why add more stress? The key is to keep it easy and simple.