In the past, I’ve written articles of the Oscars focusing on the Red Carpet fashion. It’s been great, but this year I am able to watch it relaxed (I was off from work today) and eating sushi. Best day so far.

In light of changes, this article is based on my comments during the show. As much as I like to use pictures to enhance the article; I will omit it. The reason is because as soon as the Oscars is over, the article goes public.

#Oscars begins…

The fish from The Shape of Water was able to go to the Oscars because Harvey Weinstein has been banned. And Thank Goodness.

I want a Jet Ski…Oh, bleep I’m not nominated #sad.

The Oscars envelope looks like an eye shadow palette.

Christopher Plummer did not win the Oscar. He will be back next year. Let’s not forget, he is Dracula after all.

Allison Janney won an Oscar and thanked her bird. The bird waits for her piece of the prize.

JLaw did not trip during these Oscars, but was getting tipsy with white wine ūüôā

Oscar correction: Thank you audiences for 70 years of going to the movies and 20 years of downloading films in you PC.

*For those that have seen Derbez before coming to Hollywood, you may recognize this joke*

Derbez presenting Coco in the Oscars. So, ‘Pregunteme no mas’ Who was at the Oscars?

Was there Mexican candy at the end of the song, Remember Me?¬†That’s awesome!

Fantastic Woman makes history!

Rita Moreno wore her 1962 dress. Now, that’s up-cycling well done folks.

Mary Poppins Returns title reminds me of my second grade text book: La Pata Pita Regresa (The Duck Pita returns).

BB8 was nude during the Oscars, daring little robot.

Kobe Bryant won an Oscar…wow!

Jimmy Kimmel and actors & actresses crashes the movie theater next door. What’s the lesson? Always sit at the front row. It is no longer the worse sit in the house.

Wonder Woman was there too! Take me there too.

Kim from the department store is now famous, thanks Tiffany Haddish ūüôā

Is Tiffany Haddish wearing her white dress from SNL?

I would like Meryl to be my mom too, Tiffany, yet for just one hour; love you mom.

Pee & poo were life changing according to Maya & Tiffany (they should host next year).

Common must be present every year in the Oscars.

Dave Chappelle made the best photo bomb.

No jokes regarding The Disaster Artist, but will never get old to say, ‘Oh, hai Mark.’

Jordan Peele won an Oscar without Keegan-Michael Key.

Tiffany Haddish indeed febreezed her Alexander McQueen dress. By the way, it is the same one she wore in SNL.

Jimmy Kimmel had to do a Matt Damon joke. #Brogoals

Everyone wants the jet ski.

Harold lives where he works, so do I.

Why was the Oscar lady chasing Christopher Walken?

Coco won best song and will not win the Jet ski. Their speech was long.

Only John Legend can make a silly song for a google commercial into a master piece.

Daniel Day-Lewis is the male Meryl Streep.

It is not an Oscar without a Denzel nomination ūüôā

Gary Oldman is the same actor that played as a special guest in Friends. He would not stop spitting in Joey’s eye as an Army captain. Now, he won an Oscar.

Jodie Foster absolute bad ass by pulling a Harding joke.

Oscar narrator messed up the word, Oscar. I like it.

Bonnie & Clyde cannot mess up…again.

Shape of Water won best picture (well, deserved), but if they would have lost then Octavia Spencer would have sent her special pie.

There was a winner for the jet ski.

And Sorry Matt Damon, I ran out of words for this article. Until next year!


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Something Goop

When you work for an industry that associates with engagement parties and registry events; you are bound to hear conversations among couples and friends before the wedding. One of those days involved an interesting conversation between a bride-to-be and her best friend. After checking the registry with excitement; on their way to the exit, the bride says with such glee,

Oh, my gosh! My Goop package arrives today. Which reminds me that it is time to prepare myself spiritually for its arrival. But, before that –I’m forgetting to buy something Goop (laughs by her mistake) I mean something Blue…

 Although I am probably one of the thousands of people that writes an article about Goop… I will be honest, I did have a genuine curiosity exploring Goop after their brief conversation. From Stephen Colbert, Vice News to Buzzfeed and doctors has had their opinion on the lifestyle brand by Gwyneth Paltrow.

At this point, my dear reader if you have not heard about the Jade egg or about the benefits of steaming your vagina then prepare yourself for the widely expensive lifestyle/ wellness site called Goop.

Goop Instagram Page

It all started in 2008, when Gwyneth took a break from acting and in her kitchen started her newsletter. Her successful newsletter, later spun into Goop the brand. Over the years Goop has been notorious because of its controversial medical advice.

One of its most famous examples has been the release of the article, Jade Eggs for Your Yoni. Here’s an excerpt from the article explaining the goal of the jade egg,

Jade eggs can help cultivate sexual energy, clear chi pathways in the body, intensify femininity, and invigorate our life force. To name a few! It‚Äôs a holistic combination of things, where one benefit builds to another. Jade also takes away negative energy‚ÄĒit‚Äôs a very heavy material, and in many traditions is thought to have great spiritual power. (Jade Eggs for Your Yoni )

Buzzfeed has featured videos focusing on Goop’s advice, recipes and buying products from their site which some of those videos have been humorous. (Highly recommend watching I Lived Like Gwyneth Paltrow )

Setting aside the humor, there are noticeable things about the site that are hard to ignore. As mentioned earlier about the jade egg, many doctors voiced their outrage about the advice. I do want to point out an interesting disclaimer at the end of the article. I am not sure if this appeared after it drew large waves of criticism from the medical community; however, here’s what the site states at the end of the article,

The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. They are the views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of goop, and are for informational purposes only, even if and to the extent that this article features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

I must say that I do find it unfair to release an article and say that it may not represent the views of the site…it is found on Goop. Otherwise, why allow its publication? Anyhow, what the medical community found incoherent about the benefits of the jade egg is that it may be harmful for the body.

In 2017, CNN interviewed several doctors and Doctors like Jen Gunter. She pointed out one of the many reasons women should runaway from this idea. Gunther says,

Nasty bacteria (like the kind that cause toxic shock syndrome or bacterial vaginosis) could get lodged in the nooks and crannies, and then get reintroduced into the vagina every time the egg is used…We don’t recommend that tampons or menstrual cups be left in for longer than 12 hours and those are either disposable or cleanable.

I am not against alternative practices, yet I wouldn’t follow this recommendation. Sounds odd and I would be deeply afraid of the egg getting stuck!

Now, moving onto another observation about is their pricey line-up. Going back to the Buzzfeed video titled, I Lived Like Gwyneth Paltrow – Devin the protagonist of the video purchased a few of its products to test out and the cost of each item was shown. Here’s an example from the video on the purchased products and its cost before tax.

Why Am I So Effing Tired? $90.00 / $75.00 with subscription pack of 30                            

Rose Quartz Egg $55.00                                                                                                               

Paper Crane ApothecaryPsychic Vampire Repellent    $27.00                                                  

Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder $70.00                                                                         

Body Vibes stickers which was recommended in an article Wearable Stickers that Promote Healing (Really!), sold via http://www.shopbodyvibes.com for $60 a pack of 10  

Without subscription and before tax = $302 and with subscription before tax = $287 that’s a substantial amount to spend. Let’s keep in mind, Goop is not the only site overpricing products that can be sold for a fraction of the price¬†cough cough cough Whole Foods, Amway or Herbalife…coughs.

Again, I am not against spirituality like tarot cards or alternative medicine, but why is the price so high? This reminds me a little bit when I wrote the article about makeup dupes. I admit I have purchased makeup that would fall into the luxury line, yet its been once or twice that I’ve done that because I was feeling fancy or it was my birthday. On the other hand, would I commit to buy on a monthly basis for a Chanel mascara? probably not.

***Chanel Mascara on average costs $32***

Nonetheless, for those that can afford it…awesome! Go for it! I cannot judge what you like to spend. As for those like me that is aware that spending half of rent money on five items from Goop on a monthly basis is too much. Fear not! I have found alternatives for some of these items.

Goop Official Website

Rose Quartz Egg

Let me start with the egg. I personally wouldn’t use it or support its practice – I did find its dupe for those may want to try.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg 5 Piece Healing Crystals Set, 3 Rose Crystal Quartz Drilled Eggs$19.99 and it comes with a case (proceed with caution to avoid infection and speak with your doctor or an obgyn before using)

Why Am I So Effing Tired?

Integrative Therapeutics – End Fatigue Daily Energy B Complex – High Potency B Vitamins – 30 Capsules $10.00

When looking for the equivalent of the Why Am I so Effing Tired? I had a hard time zooming the supplement facts. I did dig a little and found that the base of these vitamin packs is for stress relief, immunity boost and energy. The closest match was this Integrative Therapeutic End Fatigue Daily Energy B Complex for $10. I am positive there are more affordable versions than the one I chose to showcase.

Paper Crane ApothecaryPsychic Vampire Repellent

NewAge Smudges and Herbs MCWS3 California Mini Sage Wands, 4-Inch, Pack of 3, White $7.50

I was reading the vampire repellent ingredients and could anybody explain to me what is sonically tuned water? I looked everywhere and I was unable to find its definition. Hence, I did not give up! I read the rest of the ingredients, but after that I read what was its purpose. This is what the site explains,

…healing and deeply aromatic therapeutic oils, reported to banish bad vibes (and shield you from the people who may be causing them).

In other words, the spray is to remove bad vibes or negative energy. There are thousands of articles claiming that white sage does the same thing.

A. It’s natural

B. Many cultures have used sage for this purpose

C. Honestly, it is affordable and cats love its smell

Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder

Lastly, the Glow Powder (I’m skipping the stickers because they are stickers…) $70 for 5oz. The powder promotes what most protein powders for women are for. It is designed to improve skin, nails, hair and energy. Although the one that I found is not infused with collagen for $10 and another one that has collagen costs $20. So, let me show you the first one which contains 1 pound versus 5 ounces.

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake Vanilla, 16 Ounce Jar, Protein and Vitamin Shake Mix for Women, with Added Nutrients $10

It has great reviews and the review describe what Devin mentioned in her video. In terms of the flavor, it is different from the Glow one. Yet, they do the same thing!

Further Food Collagen Peptides Protein Powder: Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Paleo, Keto. 100% Pure Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen (8 oz) $20

The second powder does have collagen and its 8 ounces less than the first one…they do the same thing. Still cheaper than Glow.

To conclude this article is that there some things that I do in my normal life that would fall into the Goop umbrella. Would I run and buy Goop products? I do not want say never because I might purchase something in the future (as for now, I highly doubt it). There are some articles, recipes and products that are not gimmicks in my opinion. Nonetheless, there are plenty of products and including recipes that are overpriced for the middle to lower class income to afford or mimic a Goop lifestyle. I try to look at the brighter side of things and find an alternative version of it. If you strongly feel that Goop advice or Goop-like recommendations resonate with you, but its too expensive – I found great products that works the same way without breaking your piggy bank.

P.S. There will be a dupe article focusing on just Goop beauty products because I scrolled and found plenty of material.


All Images used are from Goop.com & Goop Instagram website

Mentioned sites Links and Quotes: Goop.com, Buzzfeed, Webshow: Lady Like, CNN and Amazon.com

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The Room Before The Disaster Artist

The Room is perhaps a well known film for the incorrect reasons. Back in 2003, Tommy Wiseau directed, produced and starred in his directorial debut. One may agree (for those that have seen the film), Tommy really follows his dreams and his vision. I’d doubt anyone would have a counter argument about his passion for filming.

Now, what is exactly is this film about and what made this film get its cult status? The story is a simple one if only read, but not watched. The Room is about Johnny whom is a successful banker that is currently engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Lisa. Johnny is such a good guy that he is in process to adopt his neighbor (which he also takes care of his education and financial needs), Denny. So far…not the most interesting plot; however, ten minutes into the film and after an awkward love-making scene, Lisa pursues Johnny’s best friend, Mark.

Their secret relationship is as odd as her relationship with Johnny. Every time Mark has sex with Lisa, he also forgets that he is involved in it as well. He feels guilty…still sleeps with her. Not to spoil the entire movie for those that are curious because of The Disaster Artist or The Room, what grabs the viewer is Wiseau and the various inconsistent narratives encapsulated in 99 minutes.

Let’s face it, this movie is a mess. Still, its a mess that keeps you on your toes. As many have said before which I agree, this is a film that must be watched with at least a companion to fully understand it. Besides the bizarre protagonist, it’s the editing and amateurish decisions by the debutante.

The Room does have iconic moments that became well-known memes and laughable quotes. For me, its the roof scene where Johnny is upset by Lisa’s false accusation of domestic violence. He bursts out of the door and as mentioned in The Disaster Artist that Tommy kept forgetting the lines he wrote.

Another memorable character is Denny. He is clearly not a young person, but his character is a creep. However, he has a crush on Lisa. To the point that he almost interrupted their romantic night by saying,

I just like to watch you guys.

What the bleep does he mean with that?! What has he seen before this?!!! In another scene, he bluntly asks  if he could kiss her. Why?!!! What a creep?!

Lastly, Mark is of course another major force of this story. As mentioned earlier, he is Johnny’s best friend and a hypocrite. No one knows exactly what Mark does for a living, yet he appears when Lisa is alone. What’s your job, dude? Another odd narrative is that he gets high and got violent with one of the minor characters in the film. After his violent drug moment, it fades away and he is back to normal…unrealistic. The lack of reality is actually thanks to the editing that occurred as well.

There are plenty of amateurish editing decisions. Starting with Lisa and Tommy’s love scene. It happens during the first ten minutes of the film and perhaps twenty minutes later the same scene is repeated. During another sex scene, the soundtrack skips and this was not caught.

More inconsistencies! Tommy’s flower shop scene is another example. The shop owner does not recognize Tommy, but he is her favorite customer? How? Moving onto another famous detail is the pictures of the spoons throughout the apartment. (Yes, pictures of spoons most likely taken with a Kodak disposable camera.) This observation of the spoons has not been ignored because the midnight screenings of this film is notorious for the audience throwing plastic spoons during the movie. Tommy was asked about the spoons a few years ago and he gave a random psychological reasoning about his choice of photographing spoons. Much like the film, his answer didn’t make much sense.

*Check the interview on Youtube.com regarding his answer about the spoons*

Now, one of my favorite moments in The Room is his argument with Lisa.

You are tearing me apart Lisa!

Many may not know that Tommy was channeling James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Johnny’s reaction is over-the-top because he already knew that Lisa was cheating on him and starts recording her conversations. Yes, with a cassette tape. 2003 cassette tapes were in a major decline because of the CD’s and the iPod’s were starting to shape digital music and video by storm…but a cassette fits with The Room anyway.

These are just minor examples why this film grasps your attention. The Room clearly has all of the necessary ingredients to become a comedic force in the following years. Although the film gained $2,000 on its initial release, the midnight screenings is what created this cult and popularity of The Room.

The Room is more than a movie that is poorly made, but it is an experience. Obviously not an Oscar one; however, if I were given the option to watch The Room and Aloha. I would pick The Room because its enjoyably bad. Aloha is a terrible film. Great actors, a famous director and a story that was careless.

Overall, I recommend watch The Room before The Disaster Artist. I am fully convinced that by watching The Room first will give the viewer a better understanding of those iconic moments of the original film and why its result was disastrous.

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Descendants 2 

I didn’t write the review right after the film premiered because I found that many critics weren’t too kind with this film. Not that I have been kind to some films either. Recent memory comes Aloha and Liz & Dick reviews were quite harsh; however, I do keep in mind whom is the audience and Descendants 2 pleases their targeted audience – the kids! 

When it comes to children or teenage films, I look at other aspects which I dissect differently towards other movies. In this case, Descendants 2 is fantasy, rom-com, musical and it had action too. On this occasion, the sequel brought new characters along with Disney veteran, China-Anne McClain and newcomers as her comrades. Overall, the film brings what is intended to do which is to entertain their audience, yet it also shows the young villains struggling with their new path and growing up.


The sequel takes place six months after the first film. The main characters have adapted the Auradon ways, but it’s been tough for Mal. She’s still dating King Ben and has become the paparazzi’s favorite subject. Causing a strain in their relationship. Ben tries to grow within his new duties, while Mal tries her best to personify a princess-like attitude. Mal exhausted of the media frenzy, she goes back to the isle. As a result, the entire gang including Ben and Dude (Carlos’s dog) goes to the isle to bring back Mal; however, their plans backfires when Uma and her band interferes. 


The story is not complex; however, with the mixture of action and intricate choreography – Descendants 2 labor paid off. It is reported that more 1,500 costumes were made for this film. In addition, extensive hours of sword fighting lessons for the young cast. Kenny Ortega knows how to capture and cast a spell with his skills. I do not like to compare, yet I strongly believe making the Descendants franchise and The High School Musical franchise – Descendants delivers more layers and challenges for their cast. And as a final note, they nailed it with their casting choices.

Final Thoughts 

Descendants 2 brings strong references from its origins and molding a new vision of the children of villains. And the morale of this franchise is that not everyone grows up to be just like their parents. 

P.S. It was a smart move to air this film in various channels including ABC which is a local one…13 million viewed it.
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Analyzing the Lyric

I don’t know about you, but when you’re a bit older certain songs may shock their meaning. Has that ever happened to you? The other night I wanted to listen Careless Whispers¬†(by the way, for years I thought it was called: I Never Want to Dance Again). Now that I’m older, but not necessarily wiser – I’m sharing my thoughts and impressions on hit songs.

Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande and The Weekend

Don’t get me wrong here, but I love this song. It’s a great duet, yet once paying close attention to the lyrics…it’s kind of a graphic song. Mainly The Weekend’s verse gives the biggest answer what this song is about. She’s asking for a rougher nooky from her partner. I believe Buzzfeed¬†pointed this out first.

Careless Whispers by Wham!

For those that were either a teenager or adults during this period – it was impossible to escape the saxophone intro of this song. Without an argument, George Michael delivers a song that is soothing, melancholic and iconic; however, many reminicent this song with a romantism or even with sensually. Nonetheless, Careless Whispers¬†is basically about a major screw up. If you haven’t seen the video clip, I recommend it. It’s like a mini movie which you don’t see that too often nowadays. Some of the comments on YouTube are golden! Primarily the user that shared their thoughts on the saxophone introduction, ‘And that’s how the saxophone reputation was born.’ Poignant and hilarious because both the 80s and the 90s, when there’s a romantic scenario in a film or series…the saxophone starts to play. And yes, we all can guess what happened next.

Here With Me by Dido

This song by Dido is beautiful and I feel this song is fresh even though it’s almost 14 or 15 years old. Here With Me¬†became known for its appearance in the film, Love Actually. Dido’s song emergers after Juliet (Keira Knightly) discovers that Mark (Andrew Lincoln) did not dislike her, but he was in love with her. In reality the song could not relate to the characters because the ballad is about abandonment. Mark and Juliet never dated and weren’t friends. A song that suits these characters would be White Flag.

Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

One day, I was still in college and listening to this song. So, I decided to ease my mind and I always had this habit of analyzing the lyric of a song. And if this song became a film, the storyline would follow the love between a dead person haunting their former residence. The ghost has a strong communication with his/her former partner or spouse. Quite melancholic if you think about it.

Everywhere by Michelle Branch

The debutant at the time penned a song that was on repeat in 2001. Everywhere¬†surfaced in various films, promotions and commercials. Majority were either romantic or about a cute crush like in the series, Lizzie McGuire. However, Michelle talks about one sided love to the point that is obsessive. Because the final sentence of Everywhere¬†says, You’re in everyone I see/ so tell me/ Do you see me?¬†Obviously, like most crushes function is that hope becomes romantic. Overall, she doesn’t know if that person likes her too.

Don’t Dream It’s Over covered by Sixpence None The Richer (Orignally by Crowded House)

Sixpence made the best cover of this song in my opinion. Leigh Nash brings delicacy through her vocals with her version of the late 80s hit. Still, this song is as depressive as its title. Back in 2012, Crowded House revealed in Rolling Stone that it is the feeling of loss and insecurity.

Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry

This new single by Perry is more than what meets the eye. The narrative mixed with its video clip combines elements of the film Pleasantville and the perception of the current society. Often social media portrays one side of the story and those that lives in a bubble will not understand real world problems. Reference to the surbian bliss of the Levittown town ideals and the selfie era parallels those that their biggest concern is if their Instagram post got likes.

Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez

This song is breathy, it’s catchy and literal. Hands to Myself¬†is her sexual desire towards her crush. It’s an obsessive one because she says, The Doctor says you’re no good.¬†She also compares her crush to the flavor of a cocktail drink which can be addictive. Definitely this song is not coy at all.

Ayer by Luis Miguel

This song was a hit in the early 1990s. The Mexican crooner known for his ballads, Ayer is dramatic ,but also it reveals a huge frustration. Ayer (Yesterday) describes the intense session of lovemaking he had with a woman to wake up and realize it was all a dream.  Conclusion, his imagination was too real for this dude.

When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees

This song is moody and their voices combined makes this song melodic. Yet, the core of When Will I See You Again¬†is uncertainty. The protagonist of the ballad got involved with her friend romantically what appears after one night. The aftermath has zero closure because she’s not sure if they’re in love or their friendship is officially over. And as a last observation, her friend left her in the shadows without the answer of their relationship status.

That’s all I have for now. If there any songs out there which I’m sure there is that I missed. Comment below.

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Edge of Seventeen

Sharply written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig pens the life of a self pity and anti-socially depressed teenager: Nadine. The coming-of-age story brings ranges of drama and comedy with a stunning cast. The message is simple and clear: it is time to grow up and move on.

Although the main heroine is Nadine, the film also explores the after math of her father’s death and how his death changed their paths. What happened after his death? Nadine only had one friend, Krista. She didn’t grow up, somehow she remained 13 years-old and awkward. Her mother had failed attempts of forming a new relationships while her brother, Darien grew up perfect. As for her only friend, Krista was her confident and a sister. Then, in an unconventional matter, Nadine had to move on. Her best friend starts a relationship with her brother. This change was too much for her. Still, her immaturity almost blinded her from other opportunities. Against her will and making mistakes along her way, Nadine fully moves on with the help of her teacher, her crush and her friend, Erwin.

Overall, this film is smart and Steinfeld nails it as Nadine showing a range of irrationality, irresponsibly, sadness and then closure. Nadine’s low self-esteem almost prevented her to understand the pressure her brother had as becoming his mother’s right hand and having Krista as his girlfriend was that sense of peace he needed. What I liked about this film in particular is that Nadine was a likable a$&@$! and she was selfish too. Her character was not the role model, but the authors goal is met because her protagonist is able to breakaway from her self destruction….A future of loneliness when she finally opens up to others.

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Tips for Those Days…

This humorous article started as a text with a close friend or better known as my bestie. I wanted to cheer her up because when you are on those days which most women may say they suck – anyhow, I wrote humorous tips for her. By the way she suggested to publish it and  keep in mind this is all for the sake of a good laugh. Do not take this article seriously at all and thank you! So here it goes…

If you’re PMSing…you are aware those days can be an absolute roller coaster, so here’s some tips to survive those days.

1. Hide yourself from men, they become wolves…

2. Hide your knives, anything can prompt viscous behavior such as not having coffee early in the morning to reading an article about Donald Trump….wait that last part all genders and gender less  may agree that is constantly upsetting to read.

3. Irrational sadness such as seeing a flying plastic bag in the air and causes uncontrollable tears. You cry with the same emotion like watching Leonardo DiCapro’s death in Titanic. P.S. There was enough space, Rose! 

Bonus Tip: during these days you will cry, laugh and eat popcorn at the same time.

4. Pack extra food. It’s your junk food day.

5. You are excuse if you act like a baby. Be very childish.

6. If you’re dating…are you dating? If so, let your significant other know that it’s not the best time to touch you or look at you. There might be consequences.

7. Lastly, have your medical kit: Advil, sweatpants, chocolate for medical reasons and a couch.

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