This Lamb is on the Run

The Lazy Lion

Keira is an average woman as many has described her at first glance. She is in her early thirties, but in many aspects she’s still a child. Day dreams in vibrant colors and creates comedic cartoons of the tedious meetings from her job. Notes on the new policies, what were the losses and what loans are getting approved for the fiscal year… it pays well, yet it is boring. She distracts her mind from the responsibilities of her position and silently wishes for love to find her.

One evening, she confesses to her cousin during a phone call, “I am a lazy lion when it comes to find love in my life.” Hence, she’s been single for the last seven years. There are nights it bothers hers, then again it does not. Contradictory, right?

There is an unfortunate answer to Keira’s distaste to an adult relationship. Mainly because at an early age, Keira have seen divorces and family members unfaithfulness. It did not make her skeptical of love, yet it made her unsure if romanticism was an honest feeling.

As for her lifestyle is simple: eat, sleep, work, cleanup and sleep again. On her days off, she likes to eat a crepe at the nearby bistro: Victor’s France. She is friendly with two male waiters: Milo and Eric. Secretly, she likes Milo. They have shared many conversations because the bistro slowest hours are between 7am to 9am and those have been moments they can speak a little bit of everything. They’ve gone as far as exchanging phone numbers. This was a small victory for the shy Keira. Months later, this small victory vanishes. Milo is still the kind waiter, not Keira’s close friend. She sees the possibility of a future like a dying rose.


Now, on the other side of this story it has another person involved… Eric. He has been a silent observant as long as he can remember her presence in the bistro.

Although Milo has not been romantically involved with Keira; he does get jealous when Eric takes her order and they have a brief chat. He likes her attention, yet has not asked her out. Yes, you are probably thinking the same thing…why the jealousy, Milo? Isn’t she just a sweet customer? Here we have Eric that wants more than just a brief exchange of words. Little by little, he has been curious of the crepe girl (that’s what she usually orders).

It’s now or never, he makes a bold move on a Tuesday morning. He brings her order at the lonely patio of the bistro and asks her out.

She is shocked by this question and looks at Milo hoping he would say something or do something. And Milo with a blank stare listens to the proposal…he remains silent after her reply. Days later, Keira and Eric meets after work.


While walking near Gramercy park, Eric and Keira have been chatting from politics to the latest box office flop. Suddenly, he directly says, “You like Milo. I do wonder…Why are you here with me?” Keira replies honestly, “If you knew that, why did you ask me out? I consider this as going out with a new friend. You never asked me on a date. You asked if I wanted to go to Gramercy park with you after work. We really don’t know each other. By saying yes, I may be opening to a door of something exciting. Either a great friendship or something more. Neither of us can predict that on one night walking around the park. Now, I ask you why did you ask me out knowing that I liked Milo and not you?”

They continue to walk in silence and Eric stops walking to answer, “Because I want to know more about you than brief answers. But, you made a good point, we don’t know much about each other to begin a relationship. I think you are worth the wait. I know this might be insane, yet I feel I want someone like you in my life. If Milo can’t see it, I can.”

Keira surprised by his words says, “You are very sweet…still, how do you know I am worth all this trouble? What if I am a jerk? or crazy?” Eric smiles at her, “You’re honest. You are here with me without forcing yourself into my arms. You are not desperate as someone may assume, you want to meet me first, do you want to know more about me?”

She grabs his hand, “Let’s see how this goes. Whatever the outcome, I predict you might be a great friend. Can we remain friends if …” He interrupts, “Yes… I know how to lose.” Keira replies, “I’ve lost many times and grew wiser which that is the greatest victory. Okay, I had no intention to sound that deep.” They laugh and they continue to walk near the gate of the park.

Keira asks, “Why did you want to come to Gramercy park anyway? Is there a special memory attached to it?” Eric stops by the gate mimicking a key in his hand, “Because I want to know what does it take to have a key of this place?; it’s like a secret garden. Only the lucky ones owns the key I guess…(laughs) or the very wealthy.” Keira touches the gate, “Maybe one day. You never know.”

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Closing Your Eyes

Time continues to move rapidly. Keira likes Eric’s companion and he is starting to know her better. He learns that she is not fond of darkness or working late at the firm. As for Keira, she notices that he has two tattoos in his arms. Makes her want to know what is the meaning behind it and goes to sleep with this thought in mind.

They continue to go out after work, they actually enjoy this change of pace. It is an interesting way to move away from old habits. He realizes that his smoking addiction was born out of boredom; now that he is spending time with her, Eric does not feel the need to smoke. He flushes down the toilet his last pack of cigars. Meanwhile, Keira looks at her agenda and enjoys to find what new plans she has with Eric. They always do something interesting.

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One evening, he invited her to taste a $4.50 mousse tart slice he heard of recently. A bit lost at first, they land at Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. For some this is not an interesting detail; however, they shared the same enthusiasm and found out that moments like this was more like an adventure. Besides $4.50 for a slice of mousse tart? That’s amazing!

Sleepless Heart

Slowly, they are moving away from the crush phase that everyone goes through. Neither of them have realized this fact because genuinely they are enjoying each others company. Now he is seeing her in a different light. He worries if she is leaving work at late hours, what if she gets mugged while riding the midnight train? He feels uneasy and texts her. Keira sees his text while opening the door of her apartment.

Eric: Are you home yet?

Keira: Yeah, I just arrived. Why?

Eric: I know you don’t like working late hours.

Keira: True. Thanks for asking. But, you shouldn’t worry. I am used to it.

Eric: I’m glad you are home. Sorry to text you this late. Good night.

Keira: No bother at all! Thanks for your concern, good night.

Keira gets ready to sleep and looks at the last text. She goes to sleep with a smile.

Flight Risk

It is Spring again and Eric wonders if Keira has feelings for him outside of the friend zone. He ponders if this is how she felt when Milo did not respond to her feelings. He looks at his phone and thinks if she’s home safe and sound. Eric goes to sleep with this concern floating in his mind once again.

They continue on their adventures. But, Eric feels unsure if going on with these adventures are making him insecure about the future. What if she never makes up her mind?

Six months later…

It is a hot night and Keira can’t sleep. She walks in circles, drinks milk to try to sleep and nothing happens. Keira knows why she’s restless and does not want to admit it alone.

It is 3 a.m. by now, Keira calls Eric.

Keira: Are you awake?

Eric: Yes, why?

Keira: Ummm… Do you want to meet me at the park tonight?

Eric: Sure, but why? It’s late.

Keira: I know. I know, sorry, but do you want to come or not?

Eric: Sure.

Keira: I’ll meet you by the gate.

Eric arrives somewhat confused, yet with a bright smile. Keira holds out an old key and nervously opens the gate. “Listen carefully, this key belonged to my great-grandfather. He was a gardener… this was the best legacy he could possibly leave behind…before leaving my great-grandmother for a younger woman. It’s funny that he wanted to give this key to his mistress, but my great-grandmother discovered this plan and kicked him out and kept the key. Still, he loved working for this garden even though he was a jerk to my great-grandmother. Come on Eric, let’s sit here…Do you have any idea why I asked you to come here at this time?”

Eric’s heart starts to beat louder than a drum, “No – not-not really.” Keira lifts her phone, it’s almost 5 a.m. You know, I hate darkness, yet I want for you to look at this… isn’t it breathtaking.” Eric is amazed by the sunrise. He looks at her, “It is amazing. It’s beautiful.” Keira caresses his face, “I hope this is not too late…” and gently kisses him. Eric smiles back, “I knew you were worth the trouble.”

Keira asks, “How did you know?”

Eric smiles again, “I just knew. I’ve seen your drawings. You thought no one noticed your drawings, but you always drew even working on a project while sitting at the bistro. That’s what drew me to you. I felt curious about you and why you always draw. Call me a creep, but you also wrote poetry on some of those drawings…I found a few in the trash. That’s when I knew you were special and now that I know you better…I am glad you wanted to meet me as a friend first.”

Keira hands him a piece of paper, “I drew you during one of the boring meetings. I’ve never drawn anyone outside of the workplace. That’s when I knew. Friends don’t just doodle a friend without a reason. You gave me a reason. I wanted to see you. Just like right now.

Eric, “May I keep this? Because I really like it.”

Keira, “Sure, but we must leave now. Run!”

Eric is startled by this instruction, he obeys. “The gardener of the park does not know I have this key and we can be kicked out. Let’s go. Run!” Keira whispers quite loudly.

They run while holding their hands. Once far away from the park, Eric asks, “How come you did not tell me you had a key?” She happily says, “Because I wanted to know if you were worth the trouble.”

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Moon Caller

There are days and there are nights                                                                                                    I can’t sleep tight                                                                                                                              The moon is calling for my name as if it knows me so very well                                          Kept on calling like a wolf to the moon                                                                                            I’ve fallen                                                                                                                                                  I followed it                                                                                                                                        Like the fool that you already know                                                                                              I’m crawling in tempting thunder bolts                                                                                            I bring the fire to the burning waters                                                                                               I don’t know why I can’t reply…                                                                                                    The moon is calling for my name as if it knows me so very well                                                I am fighting  with temptation                                                                                                       I’ve fallen before                                                                                                                                   I can’t be innocent forever                                                                                                            My  lesson is clear                                                                                                                             My hands won’t be near my dear                                                                                                      I’ll run away, my love                                                                                                                             Can’t sleep at night                                                                                                                           Well… most nights                                                                                                                               I’ll stay inside                                                                                                                                       I’ll pretend to dream in colors                                                                                            Although I’ll be fully awake

***Original poem by Alsy365***

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Lain Series: Late Late Review

Serial Experiments Lain is a cyberpunk anime classic of 1998. When I watched it (pre-dates the days of, I probably felt confused…still somewhat intrigued even though I was still a child. Years later as an adult, I found it and found common expectations to possible (and well known reactions) that it may piss-off viewers or applaud the series.

I am one of the strange ones that keeps thinking about its significance with the present world. So, here’s my thoughts on it; the series gives creepy predictions of social media and reminders of the dangers of cyber life crossing into reality. Basis of symbolism and being connected on how society works today.

If we think about it, when Lain was released social media was not a thing. What was popular on those days was chat rooms. Whether you disagree with this series, it is a precise prediction of the future.

Fair warning about this short series, it is slow in its pace because it is a giant puzzle piece. How the series start is with a teenager girl named, Lain. She is a student, she is shy and has a normal family. Lain is informed by her friend that Chisa, a student from a different class committed suicide. Here’s where the confusing part begins, Lain gets an email from the deceased Chisa.

Although Lain lacks skills using the Wire (internet mixed with social media type of program); after getting the mysterious email, Lain is absorbed by it. As the series progresses, the series reacts like a rose because as it grows, it also grows sharp thorns.

These thorns unravels how social media works today. In the series, the viewers sees the shy Lain, yet later on strangers claims they’ve seen her before. She doesn’t recall such events. More instances much like that one occurs; however, Lain’s sweet personality switches into a darker one.

Here’s how Lain represents today’s social media. Lain in the world of the Wired is seen by many. There’s one eerie scene where Lain is surrounded by several other Lain’s and she is able delete events in the life of her friend, Alice. The multiple Lain’s is similar when there are multiple fake accounts of one person. We’ve seen this commonly in the show, Catfish. Also, this is how cyber bullying and even identity theft may happen in current society.

The series also touches on suicide with Chisa’s death. At the start of the series, Lain and others get an email from Chisa claiming that she is alive through the Wired. Unfortunately, Japanese teenagers have a high frequency of suicide between the ages of 14-18 years old. Now, with the introduction of social media and cyber bullying, cases of suicide among the teenage population has increased across the world. Although Chisa’s death is not connected to these current problems; what does match is her online presence after death. This is a symbolic message the author is providing because there has been cases of teenagers following dangerous games that has led to deaths. A notorious case that mixed a dangerous game and cult like behavior was the Slender Man Stabbing.

Lain as a series also has an example of a cult called The Knights. This cult is trying to find Lain. Eiri is the leader of the cult and a deep liar. His presence causes Lain to question her existence and goes into a crisis. Luckily, Alice makes her realize that Lain has feelings which makes her a real person. Is she a real person?

Confused? Perhaps, yet this is the turning point of this series where it is philosophical and brings another nexus about you versus your online persona. Many studies have pointed out the online persona usually does not match your true self. An easy way to look at this is comparing it to an actor or an actress. For example, Robin Williams characters across his career were a combination between humorous to serious ones. Everyone loved his voice portrayal in Aladdin as the Genie. However, the same man behind the iconic character is the same one portrayed the terrifying Sy in the film, One Hour Photo. Both were Williams, but neither character matched the off-screen persona. And should it? Would you want to truly reveal everything about yourself in binary code or in a reality show? And here’s also another truth of reality shows that often they are scripted to keep the audience entertained.

Rotten Tomatoes/ Fox Searchlight

Linking these thoughts to Lain, the protagonist represents what is true to our current society and the future. Lain has multiple appearances through the Wire because she is a creation or a God like character created through a software. She lived in the world of the living for a moment; in reality she observed the real world and becoming aware of her self is what caused her eyes to open. The world is connected, but these connections are causing dangerous loss of reality to create a fantasy.

Fantasies are not a sin…much like any excess, if taken as an addiction that’s when it should end. Going back to an earlier example of the Slender Man Stabbing. Four years ago, two twelve year girls lured their friend to stab her 19 times to please an online fictional character, The Slender Man. 

There are several online accounts with this character. Including YouTube videos explaining its origin and what he does. There are also a video games, an upcoming film as well – this is where reality and fantasy blurred because the girls described how they were terrified by the fictional character and by killing their friend they were going to please him. This is my argument to this anime and how ahead of its time Lain was when it debuted.

In conclusion, Lain is complex and makes you think about how we live today. Back in 1998, the nearest connection to strangers were chat rooms. That being said, Lain grabs symbolism as the question of online fantasy to reality. Lain that was a God, she sacrifices herself to create a world that hopefully has a normal human coexistence. It may be a sentimental ending, yet this thought of ending conflicts with the current state of our lives. See it in this perspective, you are reading this review. You probably checked your social media, when was the last time you were offline? This is the message Lain conceives in a avant-garde style.


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One Pilule (Pill)

July 2017

Dalila logs into her Instagram account. Blinded by happiness, she hearts the photograph titled, The Lavender Fields of Provence, France. She feels excited and motivated, Dalila starts saving money for her destination. She calls it, Mission Lavender!

In her path, she ditches her Netflix membership, closes her gym account and deletes her Grubhub app. Unplugs all kinds of electronics to pay the lowest amount possible. This was serious for Dalila.

As time passed, summer arrived and she used a hose from her neighbor’s house to bathe while wearing a bathing suit in their backyard. After all, its their water, not hers…

July 2018

It was 8 pm on a hot evening in July. Dalila posts on her Instagram page, “On a plane to the lavender fields of France.”

Travels almost all night, she arrives safe and sound at 9 am. Eats a real croissant, so buttery and fresh. Wears red lipstick like the French fatale that she is not.

Hours later, exactly at 13:01 pm (French time of course!) Dalila arrives at the lavender fields in Provence, France. Takes a deep breath to inhale the refreshing scent flowing and blossoming within her until she sneezes. Achooo! Achooooooooooooooooooooo!

Other visitors like her hush her. Frantically, opens her bag to look for her Zyrtec (an allergy pill). And recalls that foreign pills are banned if the traveler fails to bring a prescription permit from the doctor.

Quickly, Dalila runs back to the city to the nearest pharmacy. With limited French she asks,” vendez-vous des Zyrtec pilules? (do you sell Zyrtec pills?)” Although she kept posting for almost a year, “Y’all, I’m learning French at the Institute of France in downtown!” …She lied. It’s too expensive for one session.

Anyhow, going back to Dalila’s sneezing dilemma – the old and somewhat deaf pharmacist looks at her and replies, “Nous ne vendons pas de cassettes (We do not sell cassettes).”

Sneezing loudly, she attempts to correct the pharmacist, “No, no achoooo! Zyrtec pilules! (No, no Zyrtec pills!)”  The annoyed man says, “Ah, bien. Prendre cette pilule, ils est gratuit, juste aller (Ah, alright. Take this pill. It’s free, just go.)

Takes a cab back to the fields again. Mesmerized by its beauty. Dalila smiles, she closes her eyes and falls into a deep slumber. Oh, my! How embarrassing!

July 2019

On a boring summer morning, Dalila is browsing on her phone mindlessly. She clicks on  a clip titled, “One Year Anniversary of an American Tourist Sleeps on French Fields” She clicks on it.

“On other news, Provence celebrates one year of their latest attraction. An unknown American tourist fell asleep on these fields. It’s been a year and her body left a print in the field. One of the owners also noted the unknown woman passed gas quite loudly in her sleep and that’s how they found her. Although blurry, here’s a picture tourists present on that day took. From what I can see, the tourist has a large D tattoo on her elbow. Sadly, the American left quickly and embarrassed after waking up. Thanks to this accident, more tourists are visiting this area. If visiting Provence, the tourist attraction is called, Zone de la Fille Endormie or Zone of the Sleepy Girl. For more information visit our website.”

Horrified and not knowing what to do or say; Dalila goes for a walk to clear her mind. On her way, she encounters a coffee shop. Finally, she’s about to make her order and the barista notices her tattoo and recognizes her from the news clip. The curious barista asks, “Aren’t you the woman who fell asleep and farted in the lavender fields of France?” Dalila’s eyes dilate. Trying to catch her breath, proudly she replies, “Oui.”

***Original story by Alsy365***

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The Last Interview Before the Final Chapter

Journalist, Mike Folly finally obtains an interview with Alice the writer. She agrees to meet him at a hotel somewhere in the city. She arrives quietly. Mike starts the interview with just one question because that is all she agreed to answer. Carefully, he asks: What is your method for inspiration? Alice takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

I would not call it a method really. I understand your question though. I’ll explain in a different approach.

I don’t know how it started. I remember one night that I hear shattered glass echoing the halls of my empty cabin. Cautiously, I walk with a cast iron pan in my hand. To later find a small kitten feasting on my spilled milk. The mind plays tricks to keep one awake…those mind tricks does have an advantage sometimes for this art form because that night I wrote a short poem…

Openly I say, I am guilty.

Guilty of distancing myself from the world and society. When I write, I want to play out my characters without the interruption of sirens, gossips or gun shots. I do pay a high price to create because I do feel part of my faculties blurs away from my body. At the same time, solace is my muse. While my typewriter is that silent partner that assists me without expecting anything in return.

Not a thank you or a medal for its service.

One night in particular because this was recent… my typewriter stopped working. I tried everything to repair it. My father taught me how to repair it. It was many years ago, so I was confident to dive into it. Unfortunately, I felt my sanity escaping and allowing my frustration to take over. It caused quite a stir.

I felt desperate because it was last chapter and knowing my penmanship is hideous… I realized, my typewriter is actually my soul mate. As a result, I had an extreme reaction. I lifted the heavy typewriter out of my desk…then I woke up in the middle of my creaking floor. The sun rays penetrating through the large gap of my wall.

That moment of psychosis led to my recent novel, Ransom Note from Rose. It is a raw and an aggressive story that somehow it relates to that episode in my life. I became Alice the writer with a strong imagination that comes out with lively words through my old typewriter.

Later that Night…

Alice the writer goes back to her cabin. Looking for inspiration for her next novel. She opens the door and leans down,

There…there, Rose. Stop moving because no matter how much you scream, the last thing about your  existence will appear in my next thriller. There is always a great amount of sacrifice to create a masterpiece. Fear not my dear, the final chapter is now. You’ll walk into your freedom.


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Ergo Proxy: A Series Review


If you are a frequent visitor or have encountered my blog by accident due to your affinity to anime – then you are familiar that I have written a few anime centered pieces.

I found countless of videos and articles calling Ergo Proxy an underrated show. It may my brain spin because this series is smart, brilliant and deserves more exposure. I also asked myself…what the heck was I doing in 2006 that I missed this series?

It is not kid friendly, it is pure drama set in a cyberpunk utopia thousands of years in the future. Humans and androids (AutoReiv) coexist in domes. Earth has been destroyed, so domes came into play. Humans exists in a controlled environment. Androids are assigned to families; they are an Alexa or Siri that can move around. But, they are built to obey.

Then we meet, Re-L Mayer. She is an investigator and the protagonist of the series. Her current assignment is to undercover a series of murders involving a virus that attacks androids system. This virus causes the android gain awareness and it leads to murder. In her investigation and her partner, Iggy (android) meets an immigrant  that works for the government to gain citizenship named Vincent Law.

Law is introduced as nervous, yet smart employee. Suddenly, Mayer is attacked by a mysterious creature called, Proxy.  However, no one believes her. Her companion, Iggy has his memory deleted of the event. As time progresses, more attacks occur and somehow Vincent Law is connected although he persists he is innocent.

Overall, the series examines concepts found in well known films such as I, Robot, The Matrix and Blade Runner. Futuristic complexities that involves artificial intelligence and how the world might look like after world destruction.

Why is it a must watch?

This series is incredibly underrated. Although it consists of 23 episodes, each episode unravels cleverly a clue to Re-L doubts. And realizing her life has been like a dome. Now, leaving the dome is as difficult knowing the absolute truth. In terms of design and style, everything fits like a glove. The dark colors contrasted her pale skin and her vibrant blue eye-shadow making her character present. In comparison, Law goes slowly through physical and personality changes too leading to the end of the series. For a short story, it is action packed and it never has a dull moment. Even those instances of calm, there was always a small storm brewing in its story line.


P.S. Re-L looks like Amy Lee from the band, Evanescence.

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Romantic-Comedies Films that Modern Technology Would Have Ruined…

Remember the good ol’days when films like You’ve Got Mail or The Notebook made us believe in romanticism? Not to dismiss the current Hollywood curriculum, but older films could last five second with today’s technology and also the appearance of Facebook and Google…it’s a bit hard to hide…even Linkedin can demystify certain information about yourself.

Here’s the list of romantic-comedies films that modern technology would have ruined…

A Cinderella Story

(2004) Austin (Michael Chad-Murray) has an online pen pal which confides to. He is popular, but unhappy. He goes to the school dance and dances with a mysterious girl. The unnamed Cinderella aka Sam (Hilary Duff) drops her flip phone after the school dance. Austin finds the phone, but every girl claims to own the phone. The hunt begins and finds out after an hour later into the film…it was Sam all along. Happy ending.

(Today) Austin (Michael Chad-Murry) finds the phone and it does not have a pass-code, so he can access her pictures. Oh, bleep! It’s Sam’s phone and by the way she has the same app where he confides with his pen pal. Opens the app and reveals she is his pen pal as well. Returns the phone to the school office and needs counseling because now he has trust issues. Sam gets her phone back and the lady of the office is bitter and does not reveal who found her phone. Sam feels relieved, yet she finally adds a pass-code. End of story.

(Alternative version) Sam has a pass-code, but Austin has a friend that has an IT degree meaning that he can hack into the phone and still needs counseling because he still has the same reaction as the previous version. End of story.

You’ve Got Mail

(1998) Kathleen (Meg Ryan) logs into her AOL email account and navigates to the chat room for ’30 something’ and often chats with NY152. Little does Kathleen knows her chatroom friend is her nemesis, Joe (Tom Hanks) and will destroy her little book shop.

(Today) Kathleen (Meg Ryan) wonders who is NY152 on reddit. Does a google search and links to Joe Fox…her nemesis! or finds his Instagram or Facebook account. Again, end of story. End of story

(Alternative) Joe Fox would have been the owner of Fox Cafe corporation, while Kathleen was the owner of her mother’s cafe shop. And it would still have the same outcome. End of story.

While You Were Sleeping

Buena Vista

(1995) Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is infatuated by a passenger named Peter (Peter Gallagher). As an employee of the CTA, she sees him everyday. He has an accident and takes him to the hospital. His family aren’t connected, but Lucy lies saying that she is his fiancee.

(Today) Although Peter’s family are not too connected; they are aware of his activities via Twitter. Lucy the CTA employee that has a crush on Peter, claims that she is his fiancee. The family knows she is lying. His last status was ‘Loving my girlfriend, Ashley’ and that was posted a day before his accident. Peter wakes up places a restraining order against Lucy.  End of story.

Runaway Bride

Paramount Pictures

(1999) Maggie (Julia Roberts) aka The Runaway Bride has become a tabloid sensation because her escape was caught on tape. Ike (Richard Gere) a columnist wrote an article about her, but had factual errors. To redeem himself, he begins to write an in-depth article about her and falls for her. After a lengthy discovery that they are in love with each other, they marry on top of a mountain to prevent her from escaping.

(Today) The Runaway Bride has taken social media by storm. Ike, an online writer wants to vlog her because his previous contains errors about her, but falls for her. Because of her ways, he adds her phone number into his account and clicks Find iPhone. Luckily, he did not use the app because she does not runaway. Their story gets a million hits with her accomplished wedding. End of story.




(2001) Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cussack) meet during the Christmas season and exchange phone numbers on a $5 bill. Sara hides it in a book and if found they are meant for each other. Years later, he finds the bill and finds her kissing a man, but its her twin sister. After confusion and ending his engagement, Sara and Jonathan stay together.

(Today) Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cussack) meet during the Christmas season and exchange phone numbers on a Starbucks receipt. Sara hides it in a book and if found they are meant for each other. He is unable to find the bill, yet finds her on Facebook. They maintain in contact and stay together. End of story.

How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Paramount Pictures

(2003) Andie (Kate Hudson) writes the column How To… Her next assignment is to How To Loose a Guy in Ten Days. During a party, she meets Ben (Mathew McConaughey) an executive in advertisement that is also on a mission. To make any woman fall in love with him to win the new diamond campaign. And he also wants to prove that he knows what romanticism is! The battle begins, Andie drives Ben crazy. They fall in love, but discovers their real intentions. They split; however, Ben wants Andie back. He learns that she quits her job. Plans to move to DC if her job interview is successful. He chases her while she is stuck in traffic. They rekindle and stay together.

(Today) …Ben Facetime her friend and arrives to her apartment weeks before she leaves. Although he tries to make her stay, Andie reminds him that she no longer has a job. She goes to the interview of her dream job and he moves to DC with her a few months later. End of story.

The Airport Scene

There are countless of films that have used this scenario…the clip will explain it better than I can. And I was very pleased that Not Another Teen Movie mocks this cliche. As a child (maybe I’ve always been somewhat sarcastic), but I knew how airports work because I’ve been through a few… #1 its tough to chase someone without security chasing after you. #2 Traffic is always hell, it is unlikely to find the person on time #3 Getting a last minute ticket…not gonna happen #4 persuading security to let you go through because you need to profess your love to someone is like stating I am a stalker! And if you are not familiar with the song Careless Whisper when George Michael chases after his fiance at the private airport…yeah he does not make it on time. Even George Michael was aware his fictional version would not make it on time. In real life, he/she would block your number (also social media accounts) and it is best to let it go.



I do want to point it out majority of these films, I have seen and loved. Before throwing fire at this article, it is meant for humor. Also, it points out how scenarios would play very differently with today’s technology and the way we communicate. Romantic comedies are almost a dead art in current main stream cinema. Hallmark is a network that continues to create films of this genre. As for major film companies have not released a major film of this category in years. Of course the major question here is…would it work in today’s society? They would have to do major changes before making this move.

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